I fell in love with photography when I was just a kid. My uncle had SLR then and I was crazy about it, as I was just a kid then, my first camera was made from Lego. But after many years came my first serious camera, it was Olympus E-520 that I bought when I got the job. Slowly I started buying better lenses and cameras. In 2015. something changed, for better, it was a turning point in my photography. One of my photos was selected by National Geographic for their competition Best of the World for Nat Geo Traveller. At that point, from photographing all sort of things, from flowers, street photography to landscapes, my main focus was pointed to landscape, and I was getting much better at that. So, now I enjoy exploring beautiful destinations and capturing memories with my cameras. 

My rules:
1. Always photograph the things I love, never shoot for commercial gain alone.
2. Visit at least one or two new locations every year.
3. Always have camera with you (one on mobile phone included)
4. Enjoy every second of shooting.
5. Don't spend too much time editing photos
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